Friday, April 29, 2011

Meet Me At The Club, It's Goin' Down.

Attention: If you haven't yet heard, Refinery 29 has finally come to San Francisco! As my go-to site for daily reads on emerging fashion trends I was beyond thrilled to hear that our little city by the bay has joined the ranks of New York, Los Angeles & Chicago by being the fourth city launched on the site. Aside from fashion trends, this hyperlocal site covers dining, art, culture, makeup and hair trends all written by local experts daily, making it a online destination not to be missed. To welcome R29 to San Francisco, myself and many other R29 readers were invited to a private party at Sloane where we danced to the beats of the DJ {still wish he played this song}, sipped fancy cocktails and posed for silly photos. Though fashion industry parties in San Francisco may be smaller than those in NY or LA, some girls in our city have serious style and it's always fun to mingle amongst them all!

{Don't you just love awkward mirror shots? Clearly, I do. Ha!}
{I don't know how the man on the left got in all of our photos, he was loving himself the fashion party!}


  1. I really love that purple top of yours. Really great pop of color to your outfit.

  2. i'm at a fashion party, i'm wearing fashion clothes....